Photographs & Paintings Exhibition

Photography for me is to search human emotions on the vast canvass of existence. Consciousness and sentiments are universal and too intricate in their existence. But to be simple is the only nature of intricacy.

If we think positively, a man can really feel and experience the vivid eternal role-played by nature. In the Panch -Tatva (Five Elements) which created human being, we experience the touch of human emotions again and again. In the grand festival of nature our negligible presence can be seen in its various elements, that will be biggest achievement. Lens is the sixth sense of a camera artist , which motivates him for new creations and he acquires the strength to capture the difference between macro and micro movements of nature and life with vivid angles. With the help of these visuals, my attempt is to capture the various vibrations of the existence of life and nature, which have been neglected by this ferocious world. If these photographs can make a knock for a moment in your heart, then it is the ultimate satisfaction for a photo artist.

Upendra Upadhyay