Visual Vibrations of Fine art Photography by Upendra Upadhyay

Invitation / Press Release

Aug 2011

The Editor 

On the occasion of World Photographic Day(19thAugust) I would like to introduce Visual Vibrations of Fine Art Photography by Upendra Upadhyay A Photographic Art Exhibition to be held from 18th – 24th Aug 2011 at Preetam lal Dua Kalavithika(Art Gallery) Govt. Ahilya Central Library Compound, Regal Square, M.G. Road Indore (M.P.) India There will be 40 to 45 visuals on Archival quality Prints on Canvas and Paper will be displayed in My Solo Fine Art Photo Prints Exhibition and a refreshment party in the evening at 4.00 P.M. on Thursday 18th Aug (Inauguration day).

“Exhibition is based on the full Potential of Artistic Photographic Expressions, Balance Composition Visual Art forms, Textures of life & Patterns with My Aesthetic Emotions.”

It is difficult for me to write or describe Visual Vibrations But I always felt the Nature around me was vibrating and Sending message to me to shoot them I have tried to capture the main Five Elements of Nature ; Earth,Water, Fire, Sky, Air [KSHITJ/JAL/PAVAK/GAGAN/ SAMEERA] through the camera along with my own imagination.
KSHITJ (Earth) (The mother earth) a germinator of life.
JAL(Water),the energizer of life.
PAVAK(Fire) the Provider of warmth.
GAGAN (Sky) the unending canvas of life.
SAMEERA (Air) free flowing breath of freshness

The Exhibition is open on World Photographic Day at 11 AM. To 8.00 PM. From 19th Aug To 24th Aug 2011.
The Exhibition is free for all Visitors, Students of Photography, Art Lovers, Buyers and Critics. You are requested to visit the Visual Vibrations of Fine Art Photography Exhibition, and if you publish about this event in your renowned Print Media / Electronic Media I will feel honoured.

Thanking you.
Upendra Upadhyay